John Elbing

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Tools for solving problems

When I was a kid, in a French speaking school, the other kids called me “building”, which sounded like “elbing“. I have been building ever since.

To build something, you have to solve all the problems and get things done. More than a particular craft, all my learning, all my experiences have been about the methods, the tools to solve any kind of problem.

Software engineering, team, project, change management, public speaking, design thinking, workshop facilitation, copywriting, finance, recruitment, entrepreneurship, innovation management, digital marketing are all universal tools for problem-solving.

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Innovation, Digital Marketing & Transformation, Startup Coaching

At Standpoint, we help you adapt to rapidly changing technology, markets and behaviour.

Together, we start with your customer’s standpoint and realign your strategy, your positioning, your marketing and your voice.

We implement the smallest changes to produce the biggest impact on the customer experience.

Digital transformation is not just for large tech companies. Whatever your industry and the size of your business, we can make you future-proof.